INR x NL Shop Apron
INR x NL Shop Apron
INR x NL Shop Apron
INR x NL Shop Apron

INR x NL Shop Apron

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We're excited to introduce the Iron & Resin x New Legend 4x4 Shop Apron for Spring 2021. This apron was made with a 1.2-1.3mm buffalo hide so there's not any questions around durability. It's one of the toughest hides out there, so it's perfect for providing protection where needed and will give you a lifetime of use. This one hugs the body without a stiff feeling like many other aprons out there and sits mid-thigh length once the shoulder straps are adjusted to preferred fit.


  • Exterior: 1.2-1.3mm 100% buffalo hide
  • Straps: 100% buffalo hide adjustable 1" shoulder cross straps for added comfort and extra support 
  • Upper front chest pocket with 8.25" W x 5" D for small tools & accessories
  • Large lower front pocket at 13.25" W x 9.5" D for larger tools  
  • Heavy copper rivets + burs on all critical points
  • 31" in total length
  • Imported